Natural materials in construction

If you are looking for harmony with nature, you probably want as much greenery as possible in the design and execution of your home or office, natural materials and lighting. Modern methods of treating surfaces and creating elements give really many possibilities, which combine metal, tree, stone and glass in complete symbiosis. This will make your home or office a truly warm and cozy comfort zone, where you will confidently create and develop your business and family.

Most natural materials can be used without significant intervention of industrial and chemical processing methods, coatings and protections. However, there are enough completely environmentally friendly modern technologies, which can be used to complete and maintain the interior or exterior. Price still remains a major decision factor, but thanks to more and more people choosing to use them, becomes more possible and accessible.

In some cases in small spaces, you can also use more non-standard materials, such as cork. Except as a method of isolation, for roof elements and walls, he can also find a place in the workshop, to pin your notes on, like the blackboard in the office.

Reasons for use

Comfort without a doubt, is one of the most important elements when using natural materials in construction. However, more and more modern people are looking for a balance between technology, which surround us from everywhere and the connection with nature in a natural way. We need life in everyday life is the reason why many people are turning to the use of more and more traditional, tested materials, without the feeling of serious chemical and industrial processing.

Last but not least, urban life predetermines the development of a number of allergens to synthetic materials and methods of protection, which are not at all to be neglected. Too frequently, this can significantly impair sleep quality, breathing and overall health. So the investment is fully justified in the long term.

Risks and long-term protection

Delivery time, as well as the method of execution of some details from natural materials, they may be beyond your patience or budget. Because a number of methods are often passed down between generations, there are processing and assembly techniques, requiring considerable skill and it is not wise to experiment with novice craftsmen. You definitely wouldn't want the whole delivery to come out in marriage, and this would lead to a new wait for months.

Unfortunately, global delays in the supply of raw materials continue to be a significant factor in construction. So deadlines from 2-3 months can become 6-8. Meanwhile, team, who was engaged for the installation may already be busy and another delay may be necessary.

Even if you get what you ordered on time, too often furniture or materials may arrive and not exactly to specification. Therefore, it is important to check everything before signing the protocol for receiving the shipment, as well as be addressed in a timely manner, in totality all lacks and defects.

Last but not least, in the long term, all natural materials need extra care. Because of its nature, they often have more durability when properly treated, but unfortunately also a greater susceptibility to pests. Especially in wood and cork, when the protective layer is compromised, be extra careful, so you won't be surprised.

Implementation and support technologies

No matter if you are an antique collector, vintage products from the Victorian era or the 20th century, nowadays, many people prefer the combination with different classical ornamentation and decoration in the interior, predisposing to the use of many natural materials. Combined with aging and patination techniques, you can restore an already existing wall, a piece of furniture or item, as well as process new production, to achieve a truly impressive vintage style.

This brings a significant sense of authenticity, but even if it's not to your taste, you can use some of the modern ways to treat surfaces with resin or natural laminates, developed to recreate these effects.

In any case, the use of natural materials and their proper maintenance will make your home or office a truly warm and cozy comfort zone, where you will be happy to return.


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